Seen & Heard: Holland Tunnel Traffic Study

••• Two updates on the World Trade Center mall from the reader known as Hudson River: “The Walgreens on the Vesey Street side has had an ‘opening soon’ sign on the door for several days. XpresSpa in the corridor looks ready to open. It seems to be an Essie nail polish salon.” UPDATE 1/9: They’re both open, and as you can see from the XpresSpa price list, it ain’t cheap.

••• The folks from Haus have evidently sent their regrets to CB1 Licensing for tomorrow night’s “review of complaints and police activity for Haus.” But the nightclub is being discussed anyway, and from what I hear, the allegations are shocking. UPDATE 1/9: The word is that the allegations won’t be discussed till Haus shows up, i.e. next month.

••• I followed up with the Department of Transportation about the Holland Tunnel traffic study that has been in the works since last April. They said that the study is ongoing, and they expect to share updates with the community later this year.

••• A recommendation from Wendy: “There is an amazing installation at the Children’s Museum of the Arts by British artist Ian Berry, who makes all of his art work out of denim. There is an amazing piece in the window, that looks like a painting—all in denim and then inside, it is so amazing, a whole garden made out of denim. It’s also not just any denim, but the last denim ever to be made in the USA! After Cone Mills closed down White Oak in North Carolina, there will be no more denim made in the USA. I think you should let others know this is in the neighborhood—it’s worth seeing, even if you don’t have a child.”

••• Sometimes when you ask a dumb question, you get an interesting answer; sometimes not. I’ve always wondered why businesses with double doors tend to keep one locked. So I ran it by Rachel Thebault at Tribeca Treats, who said there was no good reason—they open the door that unlocks with a normal deadbolt, and leave the more unwieldy one (with the locks in the side of the door) locked, because they don’t need it.


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