Denny’s Has Closed

The Denny’s restaurant at 150 Nassau, which opened in 2014 with much fanfare—it was the first one in Manhattan, and offered a $300 breakfast—has closed for good. It’s proof, I suppose, that chain diners don’t have an easier time of it than independent ones these days. (Photo by Marguerite Preston, courtesy Eater.)



  1. That Denny’s also had a well stocked bar. Kinda sad to see it go, but I suppose a Duane Reade or perhaps a Sephora or another Ricky’s will do better biz ;-)

  2. Duane Reade has cut back dramatically in new locations though they are opening their newest shortly at the Oculus, Sephora is opening a huge store at One Wall Street and recently also opened at the WTC. Ricky’s, on the other hand……… :-)

  3. Think of what that Denny’s cost to build. WOW!

    • Start with the roughly $650K hard costs filed as the cost of work with the DOB for the various applications. Add soft costs and decorations and you are at $1 million without too much of a stretch.

  4. The one time we tried to eat there (1/4 capacity) we waited over 20 minutes to be seated before leaving. So not surprised…

  5. Disappointed it didn’t succeed. But, the customer service was horrible on all fronts. From the poor attitudes of the staff, the long wait for food and the feeling that diners weren’t welcomed with open arms…the general consensus from residents in the neighborhood was that it was a complete fail. And residents gave it a ton of chances w multiple visits, myself included. The potential was huge and the interior was impressive. It would be great to have a pancake destination that is affordable. Hopeful something needed replaces it and not another bank or check cashing place!