Seen & Heard: Tribeca Now Has a Podcast Studio

••• Do you have a podcast inside of you that’s dying to get out? “Gotham Podcast Studio is the first of its kind in NYC, being that we cater entirely to podcasts! We start with providing professional recording equipment in a sound-proof studio. Included in the studio price is the hosting & distribution of your show, training, marketing support, & recording assistance. All of this at by-far the city’s most affordable price…. you might be thinking, Ok… what’s the catch? No catch, we can offer all this because our professional studio only does podcast recording. Many NYC studios that have ‘podcast recording capabilities’ also have music, voice-over, etc. recording which requires them to have a very large space in a city that has notoriously high rent.” It’s at 100 Church.

••• “Any updates on the Tribeca Il Mulino?” asked A. “I walked by it the other day and the windows have blackout shades on, but the door was open and the inside looked almost finished—tables set up, light fixtures on the ceiling, hostess stand up.” According to the chain’s PR rep, the restaurant is opening “very soon.” UPDATE 1/21: A different Il Mulino rep says the restaurant has an “anticipated opening date of April or before.”

••• Opening January 12 at Alexander and Bonin: “101 Drawings, an exhibition of works on paper by eighteen artists.” Below: “ARTnews 1944-47” by Fernando Bryce.

••• Opening January 12 at Bortolami: Works by Claudio Parmiggiani.

••• Opening January 12 at Sapar Contemporary:Solitaire at Sapar Contemporary considers how works by two artists, Heeseop Yoon and Sara Berman, relate to [Johan] Huizinga’s characterization of play by building systematic images, each consisting of everyday objects that have been stacked and reconfigured in unfamiliar ways. Through practice that is at once playful and yet highly-structured, both Yoon and Berman create representations of ‘temporary worlds’ by encoding familiar spaces and forms with new meaning.”