In the News: Enforcers of Battery Park City

••• A few items of note in Zagat‘s 2018 preview: 1) Frenchette is hoping to open this month (which Zagat calls “this fall”). 2) Holy Ground, opening downstairs in the former Super Linda space: “will serve smoky, classic American fare in large communal servings. Expect offerings like “Million Dollar Steak,” Kurobuta pork shoulder pulled tableside and whole smoked chicken along with bottled cocktails and diverse wines.” It’s aiming for February. 3) Maman is opening at 22 W. 25th St. 4). “The Cipriani folks will be debuting this new Italian concept [called Bellini] in the foyer of the Mr. C Seaport hotel.” That’s the old Best Western on Peck Slip. “The place will serve high-quality meats, fresh seafood and housemade pastas in comforting yet upscale dishes. On the drinks side, there will be a large selection of wines and spirits from Italy. In addition to the restaurant, the team will also run the stylish Lobby Lounge.” (The rendering above is of Bellini.)

••• More on how Whole Foods is changing its relationships with suppliers. —Washington Post

••• “With her latest art installation, Marilyn Minter wants shoppers at the Westfield World Trade Center to step outside of themselves. Her video, ‘I’m Not Much but I’m All I Think About’ debuts Thursday and will play out on 19 screens of varying sizes downtown and her work will also be shown at the Westfield Century Center. […] Noting how organizers selected her least provocative video, she said, ‘Narcissism is right now a national conversation. I like that moment when you see something you don’t expect. It’s sort of thrilling and it’s not an ad. It’s just two beautiful letters, two Ms actually [for Marilyn Minter] but when one of the Ms turns sideways, it spells ‘Me’ in slow-mo falling into this sort of liquid silver. It looks kind of spectacular,’ she said. ‘It’s a fun thing. It’s not anything really profound—it’s in a mall.'” —WWD

••• A couple more thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• Community Board 1 is “fuming after the city’s Economic Development Corporation falsely claimed to [The Real Deal] that members of CB1 were kept informed of a controversial scheme to bulldoze a historic 1939 Fulton Fish Market building, according to the civic group’s leader.” —Downtown Express

••• “More than two years after its controversial move to replace the city’s Parks Enforcement Patrol with private security, the authority says it plans to add officers with ‘special patrol status’ who can write summonses and make arrests. The additional officers, more highly trained and with enforcement powers not held by the current security, known as Ambassadors, would be hired on a trial basis.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. does anyone know the legal basis for having private security officers write summonses and make arrests on public property? doesn’t seem right to me…

    • “Designation as a special patrolman is unique to New York City, and is granted by the Commissioner of the NYPD under section 14-106 of the New York City Administrative Code in conjunction with the New York State Criminal Procedure Law Article 2 Section 2.10 Sub 27, and are governed by protocols of Chapter 11 Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York. This designation provides non commissioned private sector special patrolmen full powers and privileges as peace officers while on-duty, with five commissioned exceptions retaining their authority off-duty as well – school safety officers, parking control specialists, taxi and limousine inspectors, urban park rangers and evidence and property control specialists. […]

      “Uniquely, for New York City, a number of private communities and entities operate their own public safety departments. Their members are either special patrolmen (and thus have Peace Officers powers in New York state) or just New York State peace officers”

  2. Further on a culinary note, Zuckers is now selling……..Avocado Toast!! What next??

  3. Does a billionaire have no shame? Whole Foods is a shadow of its former shelf and just can’t get past the Dylan’s Candy being shoved in our faces. One of the perks before was relating with, and purchasing from small businesses through their tastings and presence in the stores. Why must every business enterprise with these guys be connected and fueling their own bottom line?
    If I want Domino’s Sugar I go to Best Market. I have never been a big online purchaser but am going to stop stopping Amazon which I have been noticing for a long time now that they don’t have the best prices on many items anyway – hello Wallmart!