In the News: Explore Lower Manhattan in the 1990s

••• The New York Times reviewed the Skyscraper Museum’s current show about Lower Manhattan in the 1990s.

••• “The Skyscraper Museum has debuted a new web project that takes the city’s Heritage Trails, a mid-1990s project that explored the history of lower Manhattan’s public landmarks [above], and converted it into an interactive map that allows users to embark on a series of four walking tours that highlights 40 different site markers.” —Curbed

••• Photographer Bruce Weber, whose studio is (or at least was) in Tribeca, is being accused of sexually exploiting male models. —New York Times

••• And Franklin Street resident Aziz Ansari, of the TV show “Master of None,” has been accused by one woman of overly aggressive sexual behavior. —Babe

••• Matthew Zachary, founder of Stupid Cancer, talks about his office on Worth Street. —New York Times

••• Photos of the recent fog. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Some 120 City Winery employees nationwide will assist in rebuilding the local economy [of Puerto Rico] in the wake of Hurricane Maria.” And you can donate to help. —New York Post



  1. Egregious over- reaction by Babe. Shouldn’t even have published this. She went home with him ( a pretty big star by then) – had a cruddy consensual sexual experience with him ( boo hoo) regretted it I guess. He even texted her the next thinking they had a nice time. One year later blAbs about it – to get her day in the sun? Opportunistic and mean. Shame on HER. Shame on Babe. Thus is not what the # metoo movement is about.

    • I totally agree with Darla. It was consensual…she could have left at any time..sad (but true) any read out of a bad sexual experience is terrible. She (a 22 year old) was there because she was famous..didn’t leave because he was famous..and cried in the uber on the way home because she felt bad about what had happened. In this new era of #meToo…it seems unfair for something like this to be written- pointing a finger at someone, while she remains anonymous.

  2. He’s more than a mere Franklin Street resident! More like Franklin Street royalty. :-)

    “Ansari walked her to Grand Banks, an Oyster bar onboard a historic wooden schooner on the Hudson River just a few blocks away. […]

    “They walked the two blocks back to his apartment building, an exclusive address on TriBeCa’s Franklin Street, where Taylor Swift has a place too.”

  3. Why would this young woman want to put out the details of an uninspired date into the public realm? Muddy the waters of a very unique time in the history of exposing sexual predators. We got them scared and then this mediocre drivel. Good lord girl the two of you didn’t click. He was an over-anxious horn dog who sounds like a lousy kisser. I get it. Been there done that but you are airing the finer points of a crummy date for all to read. Why? You were upset ok but process it with your girl and boy friends and call it a day. You don’t think you are a victim do you? Man up girl and hail your own cab.

    • “For Grace, the Golden Globes brought the events back to the forefront of her mind. ‘It was actually painful to watch him win and accept an award,’ she said. ‘And absolutely cringeworthy that he was wearing the Time’s Up pin. I think that started a new fire, and it kind of made it more real.'”