In the News: Miami Beach Italian Restaurant to Open Here

••• Chef Wendy Cacciatori of Via Emilia 9 in Miami Beach is planning to “open a sister restaurant in the Tribeca area of New York to be called Nonna Beppa, in honor of the grandmother who taught him to cook. He and his wife, Valentina, will commute between locations, but the staff will all be trained in Miami.” I called to ask where, but all I could get was that they’re shooting for spring. (If so, they’d better get moving on the liquor-license application.) —Miami Herald

••• King restaurant now serves lunch. —Eater

••• “A commission appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio to advise City Hall on what to do with historical monuments that raise complicated moral questions has recommended leaving in place a Lower Manhattan plaque that marks a parade honoring a figure later judged by history to be a villain, rather than protagonist. The same panel chose not to consider two other historical actors with ambiguous records.” —Broadsheet

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  1. We should leave old monuments alone. Erasing our past is not the way to secure our future.

  2. Someday, a couple of hundred years from now, we will all be judged hideous monsters based on the things we do that we consider normal and proper. So it makes perfect sense to look back and judge our heroes of the past by today’s standards.