New York Nautical Is Gone

As foretold by the “for lease” sign in the window since July, New York Nautical has moved out of 200 Church. The store had been in Tribeca since the 1960s—first on W. Broadway, then Duane—and on Church for the past three years. (And it had been in other locations in Lower Manhattan for decades before that.) There’s no word as to whether it’ll show up elsewhere in brick-and-mortar form; the website exists, but the phone just rings and rings.

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  1. Before the greedy landlord / small business jobs survival act stories begin here, please note that this was listed as a sublease, i.e., a lease offered by the tenant not the landlord, of the remainder of the tenant’s 10-year term, expiring February 2024.

    One can only assume that–with (i) little local business or walk-in traffic and (ii) print-on-demand maps instead of having extensive inventory to stock, as per the Spotlight Q&A from 2 years ago–having a storefront made less sense than subletting it.