Seen & Heard: Bon Chon Has Closed

••• Monk McGinn’s, the pub opening where Cricketers Arms was, is going for the rustic look.

••• A day late for yesterday’s chicken-themed post: G. reports that the Bon Chon chicken restaurant on John Street has closed: “Unhealthy order-in go to. My kids are literally in mourning.”

••• If I lived on Beach Street, I’d wonder whether companies are allowed to post banners like this inside a historical district.

••• Given the push for congestion pricing, the New York Law School is hosting a timely event this Friday at 8:15 a.m.: “New York Law School’s CityLaw Breakfast Series continues with featured guest Samuel Schwartz, President and CEO of Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC, a firm that specializes in transportation planning and engineering. Previously he was New York City’s Traffic Commissioner and Chief Engineer of the New York City Department of Transportation. He is often referred to by his nom de plume, Gridlock Sam.” RSVP.

••• I thought the hoist on the east side of 3 World Trade Center might be getting taken down, but it seems stalled near the top.

••• The TV show “Billions” is back in the Hudson/N. Moore area tomorrow.


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  1. About 3 years ago, Moinian, the owner of the building, announced a 28 story mixed use residential tower with 92 apartments. It was not stated if they would be rental or Condominiums. Nothing has happened since then…..until now. Open Door pub and Bon Chon closed last week. Crunch closed last night though they are opening a brand new location at the base of 140 Broadway (the entrance will be on Nassau, just south of Liberty). New Crunch opens February 1st. I just spoke to someone at Thai Sliders (which only recently completed a wonderful gut renovation of their space) and asked if they were closing. The response was “not yet”. So it looks like they will be leaving as well. The new tower is billed as an addition to the existing building and will also include new retail at the base and a new garage. I hope Bon Chon and Thai Sliders find new locations in the neighborhood as they both seem to do very well.