Seen & Heard: Six Shoots This Week

••• Netflix show “Daredevil” (a.k.a. “R3”) is shooting in the Broadway/White area today. Independent Media is shooting in the Hudson/Worth area on Saturday. And the TV show “Succession” is shooting at W. Broadway/Duane on Saturday. That’s five six shoots in Tribeca this week. UPDATE: “Blue Bloods” TV show is shooting today.

••• At some point, Fresh Food Deli & Grocery (at W. Broadway and Canal) changed its name to The Green at Canal.

••• Opening Saturday at Lubov: Potemkin // Body, featuring works by Ann Greene Kelly, Cécile Krähenbühl, Devin N. Morris, and Mario Navarro.

••• Well, that was fast: Kaffe 1668 is no longer affiliated with Five & Dime. The upshot: Five & Dime now has donuts.

••• Andy spotted what looked like another fake restaurant on GrubHub Seamless. The phone number is for Urban Lobster Shack, a food truck; I suppose it’s possible that it was parked at Greenwich and Reade last night.

••• If I’d known that Canal Rubber sold mugs ($5) and shirts ($15), I totally would have included them in the final Shop-Local Gift Guide installment.



  1. We timed the delivery of the T-Shirts for right after the holiday season.
    They’ll make a great Valentines Day gift …

  2. i had a TERRIBLE experience in December with a night time film shoot that took over my street and the entire square block. At 10pm the generator truck parked right beneath my bedroom window kept roaring until after 11pm. Location manager was nowhere to be found. a “crew member” offered to baffle the sound in my apartment but that never happened.
    I am NOT opposed to Film shoots in our neighborhood, but i AM opposed to the disregard of residents and businesses rights and blatant arrogance of the much of the crew.

    • 311 tracks calls for film shoot complaints and sends them along; there is a way that if a neighborhood has had many and they are tired – the film office can call a temporary moratorium…that being said they only know if you file 311 complaints and they claimed a few months ago to not have many from downtown…