Seen & Heard: Brooklyn Flea Might Not Return

••• The Wooly Daily has a “proper breakfast” menu, and you can sit in the front room of the Wooly Public.

••• Running a Google ad sure seems like an unlikely way to find investors.

••• I hadn’t realized that Brooklyn Flea closed up its location at Sixth and Watts for the season—and possibly forever. From Bedford + Bowery back in November: “When the Soho market opened in June, it planned to be at 100 Avenue of the Americas ‘for at least the next two years, year-round, on weekends only to start.” But it looks like it’s closing up shop before the holidays, and the Flea will winter in the sprawling Sunset Park space it moved into in 2015.” And this: “Flea cofounder Eric Demby explains the move, via email: ‘We and vendors believe the Soho spot has potential, and we were so happy to find that new home after bouncing around in April and May, but we just think the best chance for success is in Brooklyn.’ He’s ‘not positive’ the Flea will return to Soho but Smorgasburg should be back there in April or May.”

••• Does anyone at 56 Leonard know when Anish Kapoor’s sculpture is coming? By the way, the little rectangles along the perimeter of the property will probably be the site of “private property” markers.

••• From Añejo: “Amanda Swanson is Añejo Tribeca’s tequila and mezcal sommelier—a trained and knowledgeable professional who can provide expert advice and recommendations to guests when selecting spirits. Her specialties include flavor profiling, education on distilling and brand awareness. In addition to being available upon request at both locations, she holds residency Thursday through Saturday nights at a tasting table in Añejo Tribeca’s main dining room. Guests are invited to visit the table, which spotlights a rotating selection of spirits brands.”

courtesy Añejo



  1. Brooklyn’s where it’s at, losers. Tribeca lost its soul at least five years ago.

  2. Yet you’re still reading the Citizen…