In the News: Rampant Cheating at Stuyvesant

••• The New York Times profiles Colossal Media, which hand-paints murals (such as the one at Washington and Canal).

••• “Fifteen new outdoor pay toilets have been proposed by the Department of Transportation, and one is slated to land in Lower Manhattan, in the south plaza of the Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street, near the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian ramp.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “Five years after a nationally publicized cheating scandal led to the principal’s ouster and the suspension of a dozen kids, academic dishonesty is rampant at the city’s educational crown jewel, students say. […] A survey by the student newspaper, The Spectator, found a stunning 83 percent of 329 responding students admitted they cheated at the elite institution.” But, hey, they made the front page. —New York Post