Seen & Heard: “Tribeca Now and Then” Exhibit

••• Opening today at the window gallery on the W. Broadway side of 60 Hudson: Tribeca Now and Then, an exhibition of photographs by Lawrence Mark Stern. Below: one from the mid-80s.

••• The recent post on “mystery storefronts” smoked out verifiable intel on two of them: the gallery opening on White Street and the menswear showroom on Harrison. But for 25 Hudson (at Duane, where TD Bank was), James dug up DOB permits that say it’ll be a dance studio, but Elizabeth said it’s a “national yoga company.” Anyone know more?

••• Besides shooting in the W. Broadway/Thomas area on Wednesday, “Billions” will also be in the Hudson/Hubert area on Thursday.

••• New York Vintners is running classes downstairs at Terroir. There’s one on February 19 about “The Art of Aroma in Wine.”

••• The Trump Soho Hotel’s name was changed to Dominick Soho Hotel and Spa more then a month ago, but there’s still no signage? Pity the travelers trying to find it.

••• Still loving 565 Broome. I wish the crane would be moved so I could really get a sense of the space between.



  1. 25 Hudson St tenant is Core Power Yoga, per latest DOB filing.

    Filing with DOB as a “dance studio” may be a way to skirt the physical culture requirements associated with yoga, or it may be a way simply to get DOB approval for the physical work of construction prior to tenant getting its physical culture permit.

  2. i’m looking forward to seeing the “now and then” exhibit. i would say the shot above is probably from the 70’s. the west side highway seen behind it was torn down by about 1982.