Tribeca Is Getting Yet Another Yoga Studio

The recent post on “mystery storefronts” smoked out verifiable intel on the gallery opening on White Street and the menswear showroom on Harrison. But for 25 Hudson (at Duane, where TD Bank was), James dug up Department of Buildings permits that say it’ll be a dance studio, while Elizabeth said it’s a “national yoga company.” Now James has found a new DOB permit that identifies the CorePower Yoga chain as the new tenant. From Core Power Yoga’s website:

We believe in working every muscle and every emotion. Our classes, our instructors and our network of over 170 yoga studios nationwide welcome you when you’re ready for a yoga fitness experience like no other. We’ve held onto the magic of yoga, while upping the intensity factor for a more powerful, purposeful workout. Take your yoga practice up a notch with a renewed sense of focus and strength. […] Most of our yoga classes are practiced in a heated room. [The temperature is anywhere from 88 to 104 degrees, some with added humidity.]


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  1. Hi,

    I love CorePower Yoga and not because my one daughter, Samantha Sewell, born and raised in Tribeca (234, 89, LAB, UCLA now) is a CorePower Yoga Instructor.

    It’s one of the best workouts I’ve ever experienced and love their blend of yoga and strength-training.

    Anyway, I welcome all things health in Tribeca and happy it’s not another bank or bar!