Seen & Heard: Still No Action at Trader Joe’s

••• I was disappointed to see that Bottega Falai on Lafayette closed. I didn’t go there much, but I liked that it was there.

••• Still crickets at the Trader Joe’s opening at Sixth and Spring. The company’s website still says 2018. UPDATE 2/4: I’ve been watching the wrong* storefront at One Soho Square. “There actually is a fair bit of progress on the new Trader Joe’s on Spring Street.” reports A. “It is not going in the corner unit, but a few doors down, between Aveda and the new lobby.” He sent the below photo. You’ll be digging into a tub of Crispy Crunch Chocolate Chip Cookies before you know it. (*To be fair, the situation is confusing, as the Commercial Observer explained: “The supermarket giant will occupy the entire ground-floor space of the property between Varick Street and Avenue of the Americas, which is one of two buildings collectively called One Soho Square.” By “the property,” the paper means 233 Spring, not also 161 Sixth Ave. Moreover, I did ask the folks at Hudson Square Connection if Trader Joe’s was moving into the corner, and they said yes.)

••• The wind gave us a glimpse of the single-family home under construction at 512 Greenwich (two doors north of Houseman).

••• I came across this tweet a couple of weeks back, and I considered reaching out to see if we could see the data when it’s released, but I realized I probably wouldn’t know what to do with it if I got my hands on it. I hereby deputize anyone who wants to contact Lyons.

••• S. is looking for a new managing agent for her building. Any recommendations? Feel free to email if you’d rather not comment.

••• I’ve been noticing more of these manhole covers branded with Time Warner Cable’s logo. Far more aggressive than Con Ed’s, but at least there’s no color, as with AT&T’s (which, to be fair, are on private property).



  1. Here is a link to a historical economic study of rents and land use that NYU academics did of Greene Street in SoHo:

  2. That huge, five-story building is for a single family?

  3. We’re very happy with our managing agent –
    Harriet Kyrous, Kyrous Realty –
    263 W 38th St Rm 15E
    New York, NY 10018
    ‭(212) 302-1500‬