Seen & Heard: New Café in Soho

••• The RealReal consignment shop on Wooster (Spring/Broome) has a new café, CaféCafé, and Houseman is doing the food—baked goods, salads, sandwiches and a few other things. Despite the name, it’s not related to the Café Café that was on Greene for 16 years. (Photo courtesy Houseman.)

••• In other Houseman news, chef Ned Baldwin and writer Peter Kaminsky are working on a cookbook that appears to be titled Ned and Pete Cook Dinner. Pictured: a dish of carrots, blood orange, dill, cilantro, cumin, fenugreek from the recipe testing. (Here’s a request: Ways to cook halloumi along the lines of the dish that used to be on Houseman’s menu.)

••• Someone at 78 Franklin confirmed that the window on the east side is papered over for elevator work. So that leaves Five Mystery Storefronts.

••• Have you seen those “Appear Here” signs in the windows of vacant retail spaces? The company helps pop-ups find homes. I didn’t realize it also worked with occupied spaces, such as Postmasters Gallery. It’s asking $4,000 per day, versus ~$1,500 per day for spaces on Broadway.

••• 1 Beekman is at 15-ish stories. Ten more to go.