In the News: Taylor Swift Purchase Confirmed

••• The New York Post says “sources confirmed” that Taylor Swift is the buyer of 155 Franklin #2N, but there’s no venturing a guess as to why she bought it (or why she would pay so much).

••• “A new bill that adds caveats to the measure signed last December by Governor Cuomo, setting aside two seats on the board of the Battery Park City Authority, is quietly working its way through the State legislature. The bill (if enacted, as appears likely) will amend last year’s legislation in two ways. First, it requires that, ‘all board members shall recuse themselves from matters pending before the board in the event of a conflict of interest,’ in a manner consistent with applicable State law, ‘and relevant Authorities Budget Office guidance.'” There’s a lot more packed into that language than you might think; read the Broadsheet article to find out exactly what. Moreover, other state agencies don’t have these restrictions.

••• ArtNews and Artforum have a bit more on Ortuzar Projects, the gallery opening soon on White Street. They both state that it’s “Operating on a two-year timeline”: Does that mean it has no plans to be there after two years? Or that it’s planing shows for up to two years out?

••• “After multiple rounds of funding since 2013, the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Beach—a project supported by elected officials, community leaders, and the public—is no nearer to opening. The plan backed by all of these constituencies aims to create a crescent-shaped wedge of sand along the East River waterfront, just north of the South Street Seaport, where park-goers could wade knee deep.” —Broadsheet



  1. I have spent many hours walking the small stretch of beach that already resides at the planned Brooklyn Bridge Beach site. It is not safe to take your shoes here let alone wade in the water. There are needles in the sand along with broken glass and garbage. Not sure how they could ever make that a safe place to take your shoes off. I like the idea but shoes should be mandatory.