Seen & Heard: Concerns About Equinox’s Tribeca Gym

••• “Has anyone else mentioned the deterioration of the Tribeca Equinox?” asked Steven on Facebook. I saw someone on Twitter complain about the complaining about the new lockers, but that’s it. Is there more?

••• WeWork’s takeover of Lower Manhattan now includes space at 11 Park Place.

••• Battery Park City Parks has an interesting talk scheduled for February 13.

••• If you need to catch up on Academy Award nominees and other notable 2017 movies, keep an eye on the Roxy Cinema schedule. Coming up: Three Billboards…; Blade Runner 2049; The Disaster Artist; Roman J. Israel, Esq.

••• “Just found this bookmark sized image on the back of a family photo,” emailed Mike.



  1. I quit my membership at Equinox about a year ago. The overcrowding, decline in cleanliness, rudeness of staff and blatant disregard for the “no talking on cellphones in gym area” by the Trainers were all contributing factors. My new gym suffers all the same problems but at less than half the price.

  2. The new lockers are awful. The manager’s response is that you can use the coat check and should take a photo of your locker on your phone each time you use it so you don’t get confused over where you put your stuff. With that said, I still love the gym so will put up with it.

  3. The Tribeca Equinox could use a little TLC. There are often notices of the steam rooms not working, there have been leaks, some of the equipment hasn’t been refreshed in a while, and the quality of the spa technicians is not what it used to be as some of the great masseuses have left over the past few years. All first world problems, but for the price, it could be better. I haven’t tried the new lockers yet but this was one of the last locations where you still had to remember to bring a lock (the new ones have built in combination locks) so I would think it is an improvement? I understand that membership numbers are up the last few years and it has been noticeably more crowded. But, all that said, I’ve found the staff and trainers to be friendly, love the location and won’t be quitting any time soon!

    • I personally prefer the new lockers/combination locks. They have it at all the other equinox gyms and its about time they installed them in Tribeca. Also, I agree the Tribeca Equinox needs a face lift (the spin bikes need to be replaced! Most make this awful noise!) – its definitely lagging behind their other locations. The staff are wonderful and so friendly. I’m still a member and will continue to be cause there is really nothing better and more convenient in the neighborhood (or in the city).

  4. Recently cancelled my membership at Tribeca Equinox after my running shoes were stolen while I was in the shower and had to walk home barefoot while the staff was totally indifferent. Thankfully, I locked my valuables during my 5 minute shower, but I guess I should have thrown my sweaty, dirty shoes in the locker too… Who steals a shoe? Honestly!

  5. Equinox Tribeca has really gone downhill. I have been a memebee there for maybe 12 years and it has really gone downhill. I have gone to other Equinox clubs in the city and Tribeca has dated machines. A crappier locker room. Given that it is the most expensive club and there are only a few other choices I guess they figure that Tribecans are just trapped.