In the News: Deisel Pop-Up

••• Last week, the Diesel fashion line had a pop-up on Broadway near Canal that sold fake-knockoff merchandise labeled “Deisel.” —New York Times

•••”A 22-year-old Brooklyn woman told police she was waiting for the northbound J train in the Chambers Street station around 8:15 p.m. Jan. 10, when she heard a man trying to get her attention. She looked up to see the stranger standing on the platform playing with his exposed junk as he glared at her, police said. He then went up the stairs while continuing to masturbate as he stared at the mortified woman.” —New York Post

••• The Broadsheet attended the ceremonial swearing-in of state senator Brian Kavanagh.

••• “Downtown’s Museum of Jewish Heritage is exhibiting a collection of photos taken clandestinely by a daring Jewish photographer [Henryk Ross] in the notorious Lodz Ghetto to document the horrors of life in German-occupied Poland—and which he buried underground until after the war to evade Nazi efforts to whitewash the Holocaust.” It opens February 25. —Downtown Express