Where to Order Chinese Food in Tribeca (2018 Edition)

Back in early 2016, when I first asked readers for recommendations on restaurants from which to order in Chinese food, there weren’t nearly as many delivery services as there are now. So I asked again. Here they are, in no order, with photos courtesy of the restaurants:


From Eileen:
We had fantastic Chinese delivery this week from Shu Han Ju on Sixth Ave. (via Caviar). Arrived on time and still hot. Lamb with cumin was outstanding.


From Hila:
We like Shanghai Asian Cuisine at 14 Elizabeth St., 212-964-5640. The wonton soup is very good, and I especially like the dry fried green beans. [Grubhub.]


From Andrea:
We’ve added the Cantonese restaurant Bite of Hong Kong to our roster (which includes China Blue for Shanghainese food and Dim Sum Go Go for its namesake). You can order on Seamless, but the prices are cheaper on Beyond Menu, which is linked to from the restaurant’s website. We tend to follow the recommendations in the New York Times review. I recommend the following dishes: egg tofu with assorted mushrooms; crispy chicken with house special sauce; house special fried rice with dried-scallop; braised e-fu noodles with black mushrooms; dried squid with Chinese leeks.


From Alice:
Pinch Chinese in Soho specializes in dumplings and steamed buns. Not your typical Chinese delivery menu—it’s carefully composed and edited. Everything we’ve tried has been delicious.


From Tribeca16:
Shanghai Asian Manor
China Blue / It has good lunch specials for takeout or delivery, too.
Ningbo Cafe
Famous Sichuan
Nom Wah (pictured; on Caviar).
I eat a lot of Chinese food….


From Alessandra:
Peking Duck House (through Caviar): Quality is pretty close to what you get in the restaurant. I haven’t ordered an actual Peking duck for delivery, but if you are in the mood for duck, the crispy duck is delicious. This is great when my kids want some more traditional Chinese dishes (like spare ribs and dumplings).
Famous Sichuan (on Seamless and its own site): Sichuan specialties are good and it delivers fast and pretty much every day of the year. Our favorites are wontons in red oil, Chong Quing spicy chicken, Sichuan spicy cold noodle, mei fun, sautéed Chinese greens.
Nom Wah Tea Parlor (through Caviar): Delicious dim sum. The main dishes are a bit lacking in variety, but the salt and pepper shrimp are terrific and the noodles are good, if a bit greasy.
RedFarm (through Caviar): This one is a splurge; it always costs way too much, but the food is great.
Tomorrow (pictured; on Seamless and Caviar): The selections can be pretty spare, especially near closing time which is when we usually order, but everything we have tried has been delicious.


From JMc:
We’ve been ordering from King Wok at 222 Varick. It delivers to Tribeca via moped-like bikes so your order gets here pretty quickly. Food is always very good and travels well. The more you put in your order the more extra items they give you complimentary. The delivery guys are always super friendly, too. One thing: They never ask how you plan to pay. You have to tell them in advance if you are using a credit card.


From Melanie:
Number 1 Chinese at 10 S. William St.  is a neighborhood gem! Just as good as Chinatown restaurants and sometimes even better.




  1. Would love to hear where people order Thai from? Sometimes I just want a good pad thai or drunken noodles and I struggle.

  2. We’ve ordered the Peking Duck from Pecking Duck House. The duck is very good and pleasantly surprised to receive the duck carcass as well, head included.

  3. Erik this is a great resource.
    Thanks so much for putting it together!

  4. Thank You for posting this. My NEW New Years Resolution is to try them all before 2019

  5. Thank you, can’t wait to try many, have been longing for suggestions

  6. I have never been more excited to read one of your articles! Let’s do more of these for other cuisines too please! Thanks!!!

  7. Uncle Ted’s is the best. Hands down.

  8. Chinatown is only a hop, skip, and jump away. What’s the point of living in a city, a walkeable city, a very nice walkeable city, if one would just confine themselves in their four walls and have almost everything delivered to them.

  9. From Hila:
    We like Shanghai Asian Cuisine at 14 Elizabeth St., 212-964-5640. The wonton soup is very good, and I especially like the dry fried green beans. [Grubhub.]

    Can someone confirm if Shanghai is still open?? I heard it closed…….

  10. I also highly recommend Bodhi (77 Mulberry) for vegetarian….It’s a bit more pan-Asian (including a “sushi” bar), but seems to be predominantly Chinese-based cuisine, all in a vegetarian version.