In the News: The Development of Governors Island

••• Daytonian in Manhattan on the history of 56 Lispenard.

••• Welcome back, Manhattan Loft Guy! He digs into the sale of 145 Chambers #2: “I can quibble with the punctuation and capitalization in the broker babble, but not with the essential truth: ‘one of the last authentic Artist’s Loft’s in Tribeca.’ Every time one of these babies sells, that’s one fewer, as these lofts are certain to be upgraded, most likely fully renovated.” (P.S. The listing says the unit was “owned for over 40 years by a legendary artist known for his cutting edge light sculptures.”)

••• The Broadsheet says that Haus nightclub is no longer on tonight’s Community Board 1 Licensing Committee agenda, but CB1’s website has yet to confirm that. I’m trying to find out. UPDATE: Haus is still on. And this got added just now:

—50 Varick Street, lack of response to CB1 letters by Spring Studios Principals – Resolution

••• Thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including 133 cans of Red Bull. And this: “A 26-year-old man went into a bar with three ‘unknown males’ he did not know. He left the bar and the next thing he knew he awoke at the Fulton Center with his coat and wallet stolen. The victim, a foreign exchange student, told police that he felt as if he had been drugged.”

••• The restaurant 121 Fulton (between Nassau and William) is being turned into a branch of the Ainsworth. —FiDi Fan Page

••• “Four statues of patron saints, created by artist John Collier to personify the bravery and lost lives on [9/11], have long stood [at St. Joseph’s Chapel in Battery Park City, which recently closed]. Once approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, they will be placed on pedestals, a pair at each end of the portico of the parish’s sister church, St. Peter’s, at Barclay and Church Streets, an individual landmark. Other artwork from the chapel has already found a home inside St. Peter’s.” —Tribeca Trib

••• “The Trust for Governors Island held its first meeting this week to rezone part of the urban oasis for 4.5 million square feet of development, the equivalent of more than three Chrysler Buildings. […] The land is zoned for residential development, but the trust is prevented from building housing by a 2003 agreement with the federal government. Instead, [trust president Michael] Samuelian is hoping for a rezoning that would offer the flexibility to plan several types of buildings. The trust said it is mostly proposing heights ranging from 75 to 125 feet tall, with a few uses including hotels or dorms that could reach 300 feet. Conversely, some office buildings could feature 100,000-square-foot floor plates while only rising a few stories.” —Crain’s



  1. what does that mean that governor’s island is zoned for residential? the terms of the federal transfer were very clear that permanent housing on the island is prohibited. is the trust trying to change that restriction? that would be a major betrayal of the public trust.

    • You are exactly correct. The terms of the federal transfer prohibits permanent housing HOWEVER the current city zoning is for single family housing only. LOL! Hence, they cannot do anything with those plots of land until it is rezoned to allow non-residential zoning. The new developments will allow Governors Island to raise badly needed income to continue its transition to a 24/7 island to serve the residents of our neighborhood (and the world at large). It was a great presentation to the CB1 Board. They are doing a fantastic job.

  2. For rent signs in the windows at Haus

  3. Remember CB1 Manhattan’s largely and reluctantly toothless February 2018 resolution when the next new applicant comes along…

    “Spring Studio’s renewal is up on 2/28, and the SLA is aware from CB1 letters and correspondence of our serious concerns about Spring’s actions, currently we have not heard the results of any SLA investigations, and we continue to have no response from the principals of Spring, and

    “WHEREAS: We understand, as [SLA] Chairman Bradley and former [SLA] Chairman Rosen have both explained, that renewal time is basically an “administrative action” by the SLA, and that asking for cancellation of a license is not an option without a long record and investigation by the SLA of substantial documented violations of the stipulations and quality of life disturbances, and

    “WHEREAS: CB1 has documented these complaints and forwarded them to SLA, now

    “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We feel nevertheless because of Spring’s unresponsiveness to CB1 ‘s questions about stipulations not being met, and because of their refusal to have their principals appear before us either now or during the application process, and because of continuing complaints from and apparent disregard of residents, that if not for the current renewal process, we would not in good conscience or as representatives of our community approve a renewal for Spring Studios, […]

    “Community Board 1 reluctantly approves the renewal of the Spring Lounge OP License subject to the conditions set forth above.”

    More at: