Seen & Heard: Two Boots Is Walking Away from FiDi

••• “New company is involved,” reports a reader who lives near the future hotel (and current vacant lot) at 456 Greenwich. “And aiming to start construction in March. They have been approaching neighbors to discuss over the last two weeks.”

••• Two Boots apparently decided to walk away from Nassau Street. Thanks to C. for the heads-up and photo.

••• Montauk Sofa’s new store at 42 Lispenard looks on the brink of opening, if it hasn’t already.

••• City Between, a podcast about New York City history, has a new episode about the area: “Today we are going hunting for a lost and forgotten bottling factory in Tribeca, a neighborhood on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Though the factory is forgotten, its chief spirit it bottled is not. In fact it is still produced in its home city, Milan, Italy and has made a big come back in the United States in recent years. What I am talking about is nothing less than the the king of Amaro, Fernet Branca.” It was apparently on Desbrosses.

••• I have no idea whether the food is any good, but you have to admit that the Paris Baguette at 273 Canal is a step up for that stretch of the street.



  1. Fernet Branca was at 9 Desbrosses, now known as 443 Greenwich.

  2. I’ve grabbed things at several Paris Baguettes in Japan, where sandwiches, generally, are soft and squishy – think Takahashi Bakery. Wonder if they’ve modified to suit American tastes. At best compared to Au Bon Pain, but really a step below it.

    They’ve been expanding rapidly in NY and NJ.

  3. This site had already reported that “a new company is involved” (actually two new companies) at the 456 Greenwich Street project, namely AECOM Tishman and Lehrer LLC.

    “AECOM Tishman is handling construction management for 456 Greenwich Street, while Lehrer LLC is serving as the owner’s advisor.”

    I am told that Lehrer and the project attorney have been approaching neighbors for construction licenses to perform pre-construction surveys of their buildings and to monitor their buildings for excavation- and foundation-related vibration and movement (see, both of which are required by the 2014 NYC Building Code, specifically Sections 3309.4.3 (Preconstruction survey) and 3309.4.4 (Monitoring).

  4. Just an FYI Paris Baguette is a South Korean bakery with special confections using more traditional Asian inspired ingredients like red bean brioche, smoked sausage bread, sesame tapioca bread, and many more items that are unique to these locations and nothing like a tepid Au Bon Pain knockoff.

  5. Paris baguette is very good. Lots of unique asian desserts!