Seen & Heard: The Leaning Tower of Tribeca

••• The two western storefronts at 63 Reade are getting a welcome renovation.

••• Frenchette inched forward again. Note the new sign.

••• No sooner had I posted a photo of the northern triangular lot at 100 Franklin than the southern triangle sprouted up. See ya, orphans! (Seriously, though, did developer DDG consider the metaphor that would occur when it commissioned the mural?)

••• “Power” is extending its shoot here.

••• I can’t remember the last time we were able to see 287 Broadway! Such a beauty, or at least it will be when the new windows are installed. (The building became known as the Leaning Tower of Tribeca when it started to tilt after the adjacent buildings were torn down to make way for 57 Reade—and then it got caught in litigation over who was responsible.)



  1. I’ve been wondering for a while if the orphans mural isn’t a slightly cryptic “f*** you” to the folks losing their windows to the north triangle.

  2. When will 287 be finished?

  3. How many stories will it be? Anyone know?

  4. Nice 60 Minutes piece on JR, the photographer who puts up the huge photographs all over the world. It didn’t specifically call out that mural on Franklin, but did discuss his photos of immigrants.