Seen & Heard: This 1910 Building Will Be Spared

••• The Dreaded Drill of Demolition was outside 142 Watts, a.k.a. 457 Washington, which sold for $9 million last month to 142 Watts LLC. The 1910 building was being marketed as a teardown, so the drill was worrisome, but the only Department of Buildings permit for the property is a new one for “remove interior non-bearing partition and rearranging bathrooms and kitchens throughout.” The DOB filing lists William Green of William Green Architecture as the owner, so I called, and the person who answered the phone confirmed that the firm bought 142 Watts, said they’re not planning on tearing it down, and they’re not moving there. And that was all I could get. UPDATE: David heard it’s being developed for condos, which could mean converting it or demolishing it. Maybe the person lied to me? Maybe they’re planning on adding a topper? Time will tell, but I hope the headline wasn’t overly optimistic.

••• The appliance showroom opening at 280 Broadway will be under the Royal Green Appliances banner, not Leiberts (as it’s known in Westchester). I’m hoping to learn more about the project soon….

••• Opening March 2: “Esperance Theatre Company is exploring many hot topic issues such as racism, football protests, immigration, poverty/debt, fracking, etc., in Breitwisch Farm, their new play, which pays homage to Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. This will be the first production in the newly formed Town Stages.” Tickets.

••• Timelapse video of 12 Warren.

••• “I was going though and cleaning out some of my dad’s many items in his home office/workshop when I came across this old box,” writes Robert Ripps. “Apparently Greiner Scientific used to be at 22 North Moore, way back in 1963, when that box cost .16 to mail. Now that building is listed as 20-26 North Moore, but I guess back then it was numbered differently.”



  1. That box is a neat find!

    As to the house number, here’s a link showing a 1949 ad from “Analytical Chemistry” for the Emil Greiner Co. at “20-26 N. Moore Street.” I assume the companies were related.

  2. In the “hot tips” department: The building being erected on the corner of Chambers and Church – the one on the west side of Church – was covered in stop work orders this morning. Not sure what it’s all about, but it looked serious.

  3. New York Times Review: ‘Breitwisch Farm’ Brings Chekhov to Wisconsin