Seen & Heard: Heightened Security at Trinity Church

••• From Trinity Church: “Beginning March 1, all visitors to Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel will be directed by security personnel to submit their purses, backpacks, etc. to a bag check (using security wands) and to pass through a magnetometer before entering the church. Screening will take place during all hours when Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Chapel are open to the public, during Sunday services, and special events such as musical performances.”

••• SLT’s Tribeca location opens today at 87 Worth.

••• Opening March 4 at Bortolami: Enter the Mirror by Richard Aldrich.

••• It’s not a good sign when the estimated completion date is removed from a street reconstruction project, is it? I asked the liaison from the city’s Department of Design and Construction when the block between W. Broadway and Church would be done (by the end of this April, they said) and when the Church/Broadway block stretch would be completed (end of 2018). Both of those blocks need to reopen before the traffic can go back to normal around here.

••• The TV show “Billions” is shooting in the Harrison/West area on Friday. And something going by “ABS” was filming at Broadway/Worth yesterday.

••• R. asked whether I knew anything about the work happening at 106 Franklin. It’s being converted from commercial to residential. The plan calls for an addition, but if there’s a mock-up, I couldn’t see it. (R. subsequently emailed to say he found out it’d be nothing more than an elevator bulkhead.) Any addition would have to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission first.



  1. Erik,

    Do you know when the construction on Warren Street will be done? I really don’t understand why these projects take as long as they do — except for the fact that there never seems to be anyone working on them. I’m dreading my block of Warren between Church and W. Broadway being dug up for endless months/years.


  2. The new season of Billions began last night and Axe moves into a new apartment in Tribeca. It looks like a penthouse and has a close view of the Citibank building – I’m trying to figure out which building they filmed in, but can’t place it. Do you know which one it would be?