Seen & Heard: Citi’s South Plaza

••• Now up at Steven Amedee: “What a Little Moonlight Can Do, a solo exhibition by Kyle Simon. The Moonlight transmutes both the physical and the metaphysical, and indeed the enchanted union of the two—the night sky itself. Kyle Simon’s new paintings, prints and photographs offer up the Joshua Tree night sky as, at once, the august stage and romantic muse.”

••• The plaza on the south side of Citi’s headquarters might have opened a long time ago, but I only just noticed it.

••• In all my years of doing this site, and walking these streets endlessly, I’ve never seen a notice from the Derelict Bicycle Removal Program. Seven days!? This city has gone so soft.

••• NYC Check Express at 86 W. Broadway is now a Pay-O-Matic.

••• I think this signage on the White Street side of 381 Broadway is new. I didn’t dig too hard, but it appears to be a group for people of related ancestry.



  1. That comment on the signage on White St is RACIST and should be removed from the Citizen