Seen & Heard: The 1950s Skyline

••• I’d wager that the mega-Chick-fil-A on Fulton will open soon. It’s been hiring for a couple of weeks. (Its website links to an Instagram account, @CFAFulton, that someone is holding hostage: “Insta handle will be gladly handed over for the price of free original sandwiches fo a year,” reads the bio. “W/ waffle fries.”

••• There’s work going on in the former World of Gold N Diamond store at Church and Duane, so perhaps something is moving in.

••• Obkanobi1 posted a photo of the Lower Manhattan skyline in the 1950s, My, how you’ve grown.

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••• “Has Forever Flawless at the World Trade Center mall closed?” asks the reader known as Hudson River. “It’s the last store in the West Concourse, at the Brookfield end. Hasn’t been open for several weeks, maybe a month or more. It will come as good news to all the women of a certain age who were hassled by their aggressive hucksters on the way past.” The photo below doesn’t necessarily indicate that the shop has closed—I took it pretty early in the morning.

••• “Looks like partitions are going up inside the former Maserati dealership at 1 York, but there’s no signage.” And nothing on the Department of Buildings site. The space was being used for a media center during Fashion Week. Anyone know whether something is moving in?


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  1. Does anyone have any info on how Isaac and Azziza from the World of Gold N Diamond jewelry store are? They were in the neighborhood for a very long time and are sadly missed. Any contact info? Thank you!