In the News: Taylor Swift’s First Expansion Plan Was Foiled

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks into the history of 158 Reade, the tiny triangle of a building constructed in 1861 at the corner of Greenwich. (Photo by Edmund Vincent Gillon from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York.)

••• A radio interview with Duane Park Patisserie‘s Madeline Lanciani. —WOUB

••• “Live Nation Entertainment, which also owns Ticketmaster, will program the Pier 17 Rooftop Concert Series, which will he held at the 1.5-acre, open-air venue atop the pier, where construction is now nearing completion. A statement from Live Nation promises that, “the concert series will bring elite artists to New York’s newest entertainment destination.” The announcement also boasts that the rooftop space will accommodate an audience of 3,400 standing guests, while also having room for 2,400 seated patrons. […] The original iteration of Howard Hughes Corporation’s vision for the rooftop was for a pavilion that could hold a maximum of 600 people, alongside a smaller restaurant. Each year since 2012, however, new rendering and documents filed with the City have increased the size of the events venue, and some have been tantamount to requests to increase the height of the building, as well.” —Broadsheet

••• Chris Evans is renting in Tribeca while he acts in a Broadway play. —New York Times

••• “Stephanie Adams—Playboy’s Miss November 1992—is so afraid of her estranged husband that their meetings are held at a police precinct. [Her husband] has visitation rights for [their son] and the couple meets at the First Precinct in Tribeca for the handovers.” Presumably, Adams’s lawyer is using negative publicity as leverage, regardless of how it might affect the kid stuck in the middle. —New York Post

••• “Silverstein Properties, [120 Broadway’s] owner, is embarking on a $50 million renovation that, among other things, will restore grandeur to the through-block corridor on the ground floor and re-establish it as a public thoroughfare. […] The wide, ground-floor corridor, which once allowed anyone and everyone to cut through the building, will become a public pass-through once again. The security desks that were installed after the Sept. 11 terror attacks will be removed. The public will also be able to stop at the shops lining the corridor, which are another part of the renovation.” —New York Times

••• A Battery Park City resident lost her wedding ring in the snow, and some folks helped her find it. —Downtown Express

••• Remember how we deduced that it would be too much trouble for Taylor Swift to connect the townhouse she bought at 153 Franklin with 155 Franklin, where she owns the penthouse (and also #2N)? An anecdote from the Real Deal‘s profile of developer Steven Schnall (2 N. Moore, 15 Leonard) might make us think again….

About a year ago, Taylor Swift’s security team knocked on the door of Steven Schnall’s Tribeca home with an unusual request. Swift, who lives in a penthouse next door, didn’t have indoor parking, which made her vulnerable to paparazzi waiting to snap her photo whenever she stepped out of a car and onto the curb. The security team wanted to know if Schnall would be willing to sell his garage.

The 50-year-old, who occupies a townhouse unit that’s part of the nine-story condominium he co-built at 15 Leonard Street, demurred. So Swift’s team asked if they could buy the building’s penthouse instead. Didn’t that come with a garage spot? And wouldn’t they be able to blast a hole in the basement to connect the two buildings, allowing the pop singer to get from a car to her apartment completely out of sight?

“I’m like, well, the only problem with that is between her basement and my basement is this lap pool that I have in my apartment,” Schnall recalled. “And they’re like, ‘What if we shorten your lap pool?’ I said, ‘That’s a big ask’.”

In the end, no agreement was reached and Swift bought a townhouse at 153 Franklin Street, which also neighbors her home.


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  1. I don’t think TriBeCa Citizen is the place to make a comment on a custody battle. Regardless of what your personal opinion may be of Ms. Adams I suggest you do a little homework and brush up on the number of women who are killed annually (many times in front of their children) by estranged husbands.
    Local celebrity gossip, openings and closings are what you do well – you may want to leave it at that.