Seen & Heard: IPN’s Sidewalk Shed Is Finally Down

••• Great to see the sidewalk shed at the north end of Independence Plaza North finally come down. Now let’s hope someone cleans the plastic bags from the trees.

••• “FBI” is shooting in the Church/Franklin area today; no way the signs were posted 24 hours in advance. Also, seeing as how Lispenard and Walker just got milled, and White (and possibly other streets) are next, the timing is pretty bad. (According to IMDB, it’s a CBS show by “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf, starring Connie Nielsen and Jeremy Sisto.)

••• So this is why the TV show “Billions” is always shooting here: “The new season of ‘Billions’ began last night and Axe moves into a new apartment in Tribeca,” commented EM. “It looks like a penthouse and has a close view of the Citibank building—I’m trying to figure out which building they filmed in, but can’t place it. Do you know which one it would be?” And then EM answered his/her own question, which is like Christmas around here: “Ahhh never mind!” It’s at 145 Hudson.

••• More of the hoist has been removed from 3 World Trade Center. (This is taken from outside One Police Plaza.) Also, I keep meaning to mention that at night, many of the lights inside the building are now on—perhaps an omen that it’ll be done soon.

••• The 1st Precinct Community Council‘s monthly meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. at the precinct house (Ericsson/Varick).



  1. GroupM (3 WTC anchor tenant) has already began fitting out some of their floors. Move in commences in July.

  2. The building “officially” opens in June with Group M starting their move ins in July.

  3. FBI was supposed to be shooting in the neighborhood where the firefighter died on the Motherless Brooklyn set in Harlem. All other shooting in the neighborhood was stopped and they were scrambling to keep their production schedule, which does not give them the right not to post in advance but might explain it.

    Billions had flyers posted on N. Moore St. on and off for months asking for lofts to use.