Seen & Heard: Rumored Salon on W. Broadway

••• I hear that the former Calypso St. Barth store at 137 W. Broadway is becoming a salon, but I can’t verify it. (There’s nothing filed with the Department of Buildings, and I’d imagine that installing a bunch of sinks would require extensive plumbing changes.) If so, could it be the one that curly/silver hair expert Lorraine Massey says she’s opening here? UPDATE: “I met the owner briefly as she was walking out of the Calypso space a few months and she told me it was her new hair salon,” said Maria on Facebook. “She has gorgeous curly silver hair… maybe she’s the ‘curly haired’ guru.”

••• The Flea theater appears to be letting its new facility be used (rented?) for stretching classes.

••• Cowboy Junkies, my favorite non-Prince musical artist, are playing City Winery on July 22 and 23; tickets aren’t online yet. Below: “Bea’s Song,” achingly beautiful.

••• Something with the alias “C2” is shooting in the Broadway/Walker area tomorrow. Probably the second season of another Marvel TV show.

••• Ralo carpet store at 29 Howard is closing after 33 years.


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  1. I hope Lorraine Massey is coming to our neighborhood. She is fantastic. She started Deva salons and developed many of their products. She cut my hair for years. Then she left the Deva group as it became very corporate.