Inside the Huge New Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A posted a bunch of interior photos of the huge new outpost opening today at 144 Fulton Street (next to the Fulton Center). Of special note about the five-story restaurant: The last two photos show the semi-private dining area and the roof terrace.

UPDATE: Before you think of popping over there, check out M. M. De Voe‘s photo from today….



  1. Politically this guy is a creep but I am sure that won’t stop the hungry masses – his chicken is supposed to be good but I will resist.

  2. With all the great local food in NYC, any cuisine one could ask for….. corporate/chains are taking over. I’ll take the mom and pop restaurants and support the local places over a corporate chain any day.

    Very sad what is happening to the city.

  3. Going here before and after having gone to New York Dolls would be sardonic.

  4. While I might not always agree with Chick-fil-A’s political stances, I do commend them for taking a position based on the principals the company was built on. Obviously they are a massive chain, but in my own opinion, they feel more like a family run business. If it was about the dough they would be open on Sunday’s and never take a stance on any issue. Once again, I am not defending their takes, I’m defending their unwavering commitment to their beliefs.

    100% agree with supporting the mom and pop shops, but unfortunately with the climate of Manhattan rents, they have been priced out.