Seen & Heard: Sunday Nights at the Strip Club

••• J. sent in an amazing photo of a red-tailed hawk enjoying its Easter lunch outside the Greenwich Hotel.

••• Sunday funday!

••• Vitamin Shoppe confirmed that it will have a storre at 108 Chambers (at Church); a Starbucks is supposed to be taking the other retail space. (Vitamin Shoppe’s sign says it’s “coming soon,” which seems a stretch.) UPDATE: Jennifer says the Starbucks sign is up now. I still wonder whether this new location means a nearby one (Church/Murray? Chambers/W. Broadway?) is closing.

••• Opening April 3 at One Art Space: Keith Kattner’s Entropy. “Keith Kattner, DO, retired from a successful neurosurgery practice at the age of 49 to pursue his first love-art. A prolific researcher, residency program director, and cofounder of the Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation, Dr. Kattner packed up in December 2010 and moved to Manhattan for two years to immerse himself in the new york art scene and the metropolitan museum of art. Seven years and 600 paintings later, Dr. Kattner currently leads a bohemian existence. Roaming like Van Gogh, his home base is in the Hudson River valley and NYC, the midwest and the canadian wilds. He is in constant pursuit of adventure and of the masters that artists dream of surpassing.”

••• I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this Tribeca Smiles sign.



  1. The Starbucks sign is already up. Spotted it this weekend…

  2. I guess the New York Dolls Club is the gentrified, blandified, and more importantly, the Vongerichtified version of Harmony Burlesque and Baby Doll Lounge. Prefer and bring back those the latter two.

  3. Awesome red tailed hawk sighting, thanks to J. for sending it in!

  4. I can hardly wait until the day when there will be a Starbucks on each of the four corners of every intersection in Tribeca. We will have to revive the ‘Coffee Man’ from old Saturday Night Live.

  5. Fun sign TriBeCa Smiles!