In the News: Contraction at Condé Nast

••• Balloon Saloon has a fun display. —Time Out

••• “A 33-year-old Tribeca resident left her coat on a coat rack [at SoulCycle]. When she returned from working out, she discovered that her $300 Saint Laurent wallet was gone from her coat pocket. The wallet contained two credit cards and a $200 Williams-Sonoma gift certificate.” And more like that in the Tribeca Trib police blotter.

••• “Condé Nast is preparing to reduce its 1 million square feet of office space inside One World Trade Center in the coming months—a move that could help it shave millions off its operating costs. […] A Condé Nast spokeswoman confirmed […] that ‘there could be some consolidations’ of the 23 floors the publisher now rents.” If Anna Wintour leaves, it’d certainly free up a lot of space. —New York Post

••• “‘Homework therapists’ […] administer academic help and emotional support as needed. Via Skype, email and text, and during pricey one-on-one sessions, they soothe cranky students, hoping to steer them back to the path of achievement.” Naturally, a homework therapy company, Brooklyn Learning Center, has an office in Tribeca. —New York Times

••• “On April 8, Café Altro Paradiso is hosting its annual bake sale for Planned Parenthood featuring a killer lineup that includes Le Coucou, Superiority Burger, Reynard, Le Bernardin, Otway, Daily Provisions, and King. The event starts at 11 a.m., and tickets can be purchased at the door and are $5 per pastry.” —Eater

••• “The World Trade Centers Association [is] a nonprofit that charges its more than 300 members an initiation fee of $250,000 and annual dues of $12,500 for the right to christen their building a World Trade Center. […] The Port Authority says the WTCA has been wrongly profiting off the World Trade Center brand for decades and is demanding the name back. After nearly three years of duking it out in court, both sides have made their final arguments and await a decision from a federal judge.” —Crain’s

••• Daytonian in Manhattan on the “brutalized elegance” of 324 Canal, and how it got that way.


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  1. “Homework Therapist” could have been part of Erik’s Sunday post and easily made more sense.