Souths Is Closing

Terrible news today from Souths:

For nearly 18 years, we have felt honored to be part of the Tribeca community. Being members of this community was our mission and we are proud of our success. It is really hard to say goodbye.

So many memories swirl around in our minds. Our friends, family, staff… the dogs. The plays, our soccer team, our softball team, and our bowling team. The golf outings, the weddings, fundraisers, and memorials. The orphan Thanksgivings. The times we all weathered the storms together, and the time we all helped each other pick up the pieces.

Of course we hoped Souths would last forever, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Please know we tried. We went through Plan A & B scenarios, then over to new Plan A & B scenarios, all motivated by our dedication to our staff and our locals (and our not-so-locals).

We will be open through Friday, April 27th. Please come by and say hello if you can. Whether or not we see you in person before then, we want to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. We couldn’t have done it without you.

With gratitude for an awesome run,
Roger and Johnny

StreetEasy lists the building as sold as of March 12. The above photo, by Claudine Williams, is from the recent Spotlight Q&A with Johnny Griffin.




    Tribeca is now official soul-less.

    RIP Souths, RIP Tribeca.

    Thanks Jason for the nights I left my dignity (but not my wallet) on the floor, and the walks home as the sun came up.

  2. Wow – this is an end of an era in TriBeCa….I guess the only places to eat or drink in the ‘hood will cost you an arm and a leg.

  3. God damn it. The nicest place, the nicest people. Guess I’ll just have to pour vodka in my tracy anderson green juices in private shame now :(

  4. When Grace shut, there went the 4 a.m. chicken sandwich; when the original Noir left, there went Sunday afternoon; that South’s is shutting, might as well move to Westchester and start over in life. If you didn’t like South’s, you belong at Espace with that d**ckhead Marcus Halberstram from 56 Leonard.

    • nice BEE reference

    • First place my wife and I ever went on. Went at least 3 times a month for nearly 10 years, it was a true gem. Was a rite of passage for new employees to take on the “Nacho Challenge.”
      Many tried, few succeeded. Thanks for everything and best luck on your next journeys.

    • That is basically what we did. After years in Tribeca, we finally moved out to Westchester. In the end, it just wasn’t the neighborhood we moved into. All the independent / unique shops/bars/restaurants are gone. Either replaced with some mundane chain/nail shop/ Starbucks/ bank.. or worse, sitting empty and dormant as landlords jacked up the rent and are holding out for someone to pay triple the last

  5. I first discovered this place through friends and clients of Tower/Lime around 2010. Many great relationships and memories were formed here over a few pints, whiskey, nachos and CFC on Tuesday nights. I have constantly tried to introduce people to this special place and it is special. It’s a crying shame it’s going away. Is there any character left in this city? Johnny and Roger…thank you for everything. Best wishes with whatever lies next.

  6. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! I sentiment with the previous comments.

    Great owners, great staff, nice crowd. Zero complaints for years.

    Where will I be able to get my local bison burger now?!?!

  7. Why is South’s closing, I don’t believe the building sold.

  8. Really stinks. Great place and even better people. It will be sorely missed.

  9. That sucks! My fav hangout when I visit NYC. Jason, Thank you for all the fun nights.

  10. I never comment on these boards, or about such issues, but I just wanted to order out my Souths favorite, Mac & Cheese, feeling the need for some comfort food, take a walk over to check in, say hello. And then read read this…

    I’ve been here since 1980. The first Irish couple who ran it ran a great pub w/ terrific music but seemingly skipped paying taxes, I recall. Oh well, they went but Souths prevailed.

    All the changes we’ve lived through were certainly “not all good”
    The Laundry Loft is gone. Event the few after hours clubs shuttered. The parking lots are now overpriced condos or hotels. So this is “progress”? Yet Souths was the bright spot. Tell me another one…

  11. So sad to learn, although I am late. I don’t know what I would have done if not for the wonderful community at South’s while I lived in NYC. It was always open, warm and had an open seat when I had nowhere else to go. This was the best bar I have ever been to. Miss you all, especially the smiles and Chicken Fried Steak on Tuesdays.