Seen & Heard: Chipotle Update

••• “Does anyone know what is going on at the Chipotle location on Murray and Greenwich?” asked Lisa. “The equipment is being ripped out and there is a handwritten ‘closed’ sign on the door.” The company’s page for the location has strange hours: It says that the restaurant is only open Tuesdays. Chipotle’s M.O. is to put a cutesy note on the door, but instead there was what you see below. Fear not: The folks next door at Bliss Bowl said the restaurant is undergoing renovations. And I remembered seeing a worker mop out a ton of water last week—so perhaps there was a flood, and either the damage was bad (because the work is extensive) or they’re using it as an opportunity to refresh the space. UPDATE 4/8: “They are doing some work on the HVAC system there and the restaurant will reopen when that is done,” says a rep for the company.

••• From K: “I walked home tonight, by the Battery Park Pharmacy on South End Avenue, like I always do, and it’s completely empty and shut down with a sign telling people to get their prescriptions filled at Rite Aid at Brookfield! No warning—they were open yesterday! I’m devastated and I think many in the neighborhood will feel the same way once they find out. It was a great pharmacy and the owners and staff were amazing. I shopped their twice a week, easy.” UPDATE 1:30 P.M.: “The store is being cleaned out and people are pulling freebies from a pile,” says J. “The rest going in a large dumpster a couple storefronts down.”

••• The TV show “Bull” is back in Tribeca tomorrow, shooting in the Hudson/Harrison area.

••• Metrograph is running a Grace Jones film retrospective, and I’m so bummed to have to miss A One Man Show, her amazing 1982 concert/video, which plays on Wednesday. (The Community Board 1 Licensing Committee is that night.) It blew my teenage mind when it aired on USA’s “Night Flight.”

••• Can’t wait to read the Zagat reviews.



  1. The Battery Park Pharmacy is now the second vacant storefront in the row of stores there on South End Avenue. Vacant stores do not enhance the quality of life in the area nor promote the image of a dynamic neighborhood.

  2. I hope it doesn’t end up looking like all the empty store fronts on Greenwich Street at Independence Plaza.

  3. When I think “fine dining in TriBeCa” I know I think “New York Dolls” …

  4. And which New York Dolls would that be Will? The gents in drag blasting rock n’ roll or the naked ladies?