Seen & Heard: Trader Joe’s Is Hiring

••• A. found a help-wanted ad for the Trader Joe’s opening on Spring Street—an indication that its debut can’t be too far away. While the store page on the Trader Joe’s website says it’ll carry beer, wine, and spirits, the list of stores says just beer (which would be in line with the law).

••• Revised Community Board 1 agendas for April have come out, and there’s one item on the Licensing Committee’s that could be contentious: “285 West Broadway, application for a liquor license for St. Helier Parish LLC.” That’s the former Haus space, and there’s nothing online for St. Helier Parish LLC. Seeing as how the previous tenant was troublesome, and the space is kitted out as a nightclub, it would seem to be wise to let the community know as much as possible going into the meeting on Wednesday…. I’ve reached out to CB1 for more info.

••• Starting Wednesday, the Warren Street reconstruction project moves eastward to the block between W. Broadway and Church. They’ll start on the north side of the street.

••• The TV show “FBI” shoots in the Chambers/Church area on Wednesday. Because having two new buildings under construction at that intersection wasn’t enough….

••• Press release: “The BMCC Tribeca Performing Art Center’s Lost Jazz Shrines series is dedicated to restoring the memory of legendary New York City jazz venues to the consciousness of the world. On Friday, May 4, at 8:30 p.m., the series will celebrate the legacy of both the jazz venue Fat Tuesday’s and the legendary performer Betty Carter. The concert will be preceded by a free panel at 7 p.m. featuring a conversation with Marc Cary, Musical Director, and Willard Jenkins, Artistic Director of Jazz Programming. They will discuss Cary’s Fat Tuesday debut performance and Carter’s enduring influence. After the free panel, Marc Cary, who spent several years as Betty Carter’s pianist-music director will perform with former members of Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead, a program for young musicians. Featured artists will include Addison Frei and Arcolis Sandoval on piano; Diego Ramirez on drums;  Barry Stephenson on bass and Charles Turner on vocals. Betty Carter Band Alumni—musicians who played with Betty—are also set to perform.” Seems like a good reason to run Carter’s version of Cole Porter’s “Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love.”

••• Hard to tell from this photo—it was cold and I didn’t feel like walking farther—but 45 Park Place is around 10 stories tall. It’ll be 43 stories when it’s done.