Seen & Heard: Arborcide on Warren

••• One of the nicest things about Warren Street, especially between Church and W. Broadway, has been the many trees—especially in spring, when they flower. So this really hurts. (Thanks to I. for the photos.) It’s no doubt for the extension of the Warren Street Reconstruction, but couldn’t the trees have been moved somewhere for the duration?

••• The windows of the former Maserati of Manhattan showroom at 1 York are partially frosted, but not high enough. Inside is mainly open-plan offices that I was going to guess are for an ad agency, but then I peeked into another window, and saw marketing materials for Westman Atelier, a new makeup line from makeup artist Gucci Westman. (More on the line and its founders here and here.) So this is either the company’s offices or the offices of a firm doing work for it.

••• The folks at the Department of City Planning who oversee the Privately Owned Public Space program gave a presentation to Community Board 1 the other night. I was only particularly interested in enforcement, since BNY Mellon at 101 Barclay blatantly ignores its responsibility to open its POPS lobby to the public. The Department of Buildings is responsible for compliance, and starting in 2019, the DOB will inspect every POPS location annually. The question is what happens if property owners continue to flout their obligation?

••• Khe-Yo now has three two-tops outside.

••• After a long fight, Lyons Den Power Yoga got approval to hang a shingle.

••• LaserAway, the hair-removal salon chain, appears open on Duane, in the former Edible Arrangements space.

••• A shoot I missed because I was out of town: “Tape” on Murray at Greenwich.


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  1. Awful about the trees