Seen & Heard: Sweat Yoga Is Expanding

••• Tutto Il Giorno has launched Tutto Spuntino, its fast-casual lunch program on weekdays from noon to 3 p.m., for dining in or taking away.

••• Good news from Sweat Yoga on Broadway: “We are taking more space next door to us and expanding our offering to two yoga spaces. The second will have classes that aren’t heated over summer.”

••• Looks like the Gazes LLC law firm is leaving 151 Hudson.

••• This probably got painted a while ago, but I miss the funky old color combination (and the cat doodad on the door) at 17 Hubert.

••• I forgot to include this when I posted about the sales office for 30 Warren. It’s on the eighth floor of 99 Hudson, affording an awesome view of 100 Hudson across the street. Click on it to see it in full glory.

••• “The Loopy Doopy seems open,” reports N. about the rooftop bar at the Conrad. “The bar is set up (I can see a bin full of yellow things that must be lemons) and there’s a bartender dressed in a down jacket and scarf. All the tables and couches are set up with their decorative pillows, too.” Yep, it’s open.