Joe & the Juice Is Opening Here

The Danish café chain Joe & the Juice, which has been on an expansion tear, is opening on Greenwich Street—not up in the Sterling Mason, where Google had decided it should go, but in what used to be the northern half of Gee Whiz Diner. This will mark the company’s first location in Tribeca; the nearest one is in the World Trade Center mall. (For those who care about this kind of thing, I hear the asking rent was $20,000 per month.)



  1. I hope they will regulate the decibel level of the music that spills out of there–walking past them in the occulus is annoying

  2. I agree with Cami in regards to the loud music. Love Joes but the loud music is annoying. How can anyone eat there?

  3. The music makes you eat and drink faster. I think volume varies based on neighborhood. Soho restaurant not that loud.