Seen & Heard: Urgent Care Clinic Has Temporarily Closed

••• Emergency Medical Care at 200 Chambers has temporarily closed because of a management change. No word on when it’ll reopen. A couple of years ago, my husband went there for an urgent throat issue, and the doctor offered to do a CAT scan.

••• 249 Church, at the northeast corner of Leonard, has gone behind the plywood. I haven’t been able to determine whether anyone is moving into the ground floor; Nova Fitness is opening in the lower levels.

••• “Clever signage,” notes D. “I have no idea when it was added.” Me either, except it must’ve been sometime in the last two and a half years, because the last photo I have of that sign shows no S.

••• The Royal Green Appliance Center showroom on Broadway should be officially open by the first week of May.

••• An Instagram account you might find worth following: @unreliableATM, “capturing the vanishing culture of outdoor ATMs,” including this one on W. Broadway.



  1. I went to that urgent care place several years ago for what turned out to be an exceedingly minor issue.

    The claim they filed implied a workup that in no way resembled what they did and they claimed that I had a vastly more serious problem than was the case – allowing them to bill at a much higher rate.

    I filed a complaint with my insurance company because, without documentation in my file to substantiate the diagnosis and workup, reimbursement would be reduced. Nothing ever happened, I assume because “up coding” is common in the health care industry.

  2. I would stay away from those outdoor ATMs anyway….Not only are they are eyesore, but they are higher risk of “skimming” your number than bank ATMs (ideally, those inside banks) although even those are vulnerable to some extent.

  3. “249 Church, at the northeast corner of Leonard, has gone behind the plywood.” – This might be a bit nitpicky but the layout of this shed is a bit frustrating as it leaves very little room to squeeze through between it and Citi Bike stations… Just saying that if you’re walking west on the north side of Leonard you reach a fairly unpleasant near-dead-end.