Meet Your New Community Police Officers

“Neighborhood policing has come to Lower Manhattan’s 1st Precinct,” reports the Tribeca Trib. “Two Neighborhood Coordination Officers, or NCOs, have been assigned to each of the precinct’s four sectors. Anyone can reach out to them by email or call their cell phones for non-911 issues.” As you can see below, pairs of officers have been assigned to four areas within the 1st Precinct. Sometime this summer, the plan is hold quarterly meetings. You can sign up for more info here.

It’ll be interesting to see if the new initiative works. Please report back about any interactions you have with the officers.

Houston to Canal, west of Broadway
Donald Dermody: 929-291-1993,
Michael Erdman: 929-287-9659,

Canal to W. Thames/Rector, west of Broadway
Dinah Bodden: 917-860-2601,
Joseph Milone: 929-284-0996,

Frankfort to Wall, east of Broadway
Giocardo Bernabe: 917-833-9631,
Francis Ford: 929-281-7602,

South of W. Thames/Rector/Wall
Miles Holman: 929-291-1602,
Adam Riddick: 929-287-6638,



  1. Thanks for publishing this info, Erik. I encourage everyone to click on the Tribeca Trib link in Erik’s lede, it’s a terrific story with maps, pic’s of the officers, etc. — Trib editor Carl Glassman in top form.

  2. Whose idea was it to split up Canal Street? Two different sets of officers for counterfeits on either side of the street?

    • It’s just as easy for four officers to ignore that problem as it is for two to do it.

      • So why is this problem continually ignored?
        I live nearby and fine this “scene” disgusting. It’s impossible to get by on the sidewalk at times. It creates a sense of complete lawlessness. (It doesn’t help that the beautiful building on Canal & Broadway as been vandalized again with spray paint…no wonder there are no takers for that building).

  3. 1st precinct seems to be struggling. More and more break-ins and thefts. My wife was in a cab the other night that was rear ended and 2 hours after the 311 call, still no police response. The accident was in the Battery Park tunnel approaching West street. Very dangerous situation and created a traffic nightmare.

  4. where are the officers? haven’t seen any around in years. at night time Tribeca ( especially Greenwich Street) very quiet. only people giving out tickets around. First Precent hasn’t done their job around our area in years. chambers Street is a nigh mare also. A couple of year ago in broad daylight Duane Reade on Greenwich was stuck up. Two men walked in with a gun and no cops came for a long time after. The bandits drove away in a car also. Hopefully finally we see something from the First Precent.

  5. I agree with everyone’s reply above. The “fake” street vendors and people hustling you for handbags and watches is a safety nightmare. Try going down the R train stairs in daylight on the south east side of Canal and Broadway. At least two or three hustlers. Been going on for the four decades since I’ve been a Tribeca resident. And this is not mentioning the mess on Walker just north of Canal and Broadway.

    Let’s hope this will get cleaned up but I have my doubts after years of complaints.

    • It’s a disgrace indeed.

      By the “mess” on Walker, did you mean LIspenard? That’s where the “vendors” camp out and take over the entire sidewalk. No wonder there are no takers for the beautiful–and once again vandalized–bank building.

      Yes and all the creepy sellers hanging around on the corners and blocking the subway entrances is awful. Rude and pushy with their “Rolex, Rolex”.

      Has anyone tried emailing or calling these officers during a time when these sellers are out in force?