The “Fearless Girl” Statue Is Being Moved

The de Blasio administration has announced that “Fearless Girl,” the popular statue created as a promotion for State Street Global Advisors, is being moved from Bowling Green to a new location: It’ll be directly in front of the New York Stock Exchange, at Wall and Broad. This solves two problems: “Fearless Girl” changed the meaning of the “Charging Bull” statue, turning it into a negative symbol, and the crowds looking at both statues were a concern.

For that reason, there’s this, buried at the end of the press release: “The City is also looking at a similar move to the vicinity of the stock exchange for the ‘Charging Bull’ statue.”



  1. Sorry, but this is taking something dumb and making it dumber. Yes, the current location is unsafe and impractical. But Wall & Broad is already a zoo, and I cant believe that the NYPD or the NYSE will be too happy with this. The area is already under constant surveillance and vigilance for attacks, etc., and adding to the chaos and crowds that already gather there would seem to be an unwise decision from a safety point of view.

  2. As expected, the little girl gets scared and runs away from the mighty bull!

  3. there’s got to be a better location for both statues, preferably two different better locations, so I’m all for it.