A New Café and Playspace Is in the Works

Tribeca couple Laura Maness and Steven Brisson—she’s the CEO of Havas Worldwide ad agency, he’s an entrepreneur—are about to embark on a new adventure. They’re opening Love Bug Café & Play: “It’s a fun, interactive place and space for children to socialize, snack, play, and learn while parents or caregivers enjoy gourmet coffee and conversation,” emailed Maness and Brisson. “Equally appealing to adults and children alike, it’s a comfortable, community-focused coffee shop and workspace sanctuary for grown-ups blended seamlessly with an imaginative, educational, and interactive playspace for kids.”

They’re still locking in a space, but they’re dead set on it being street-level and in Tribeca proper—”and we’re confident our proven build-out team can have the space ready in just a few months’ time.” (Maybe they should go into construction management next!) In the meantime, the Love Bug brand is officially being launched at Taste of Tribeca on May 19. “We’re sponsoring the Family Zone tent, where we’ll be offering an unforgettable activity and giveaway, and a nearby food booth to share the café’s offerings, including gourmet coffee, sweet treats (e.g., cake pops), and more.”

So stop by on May 19 and give them a warm welcome. And the Love Bug website has a sign-up for email updates and social-media links.



  1. Perhaps they should avoid 142 Duane St.

  2. We are so excited to welcome Love Bug Café & Play to Taste of Tribeca and to the community! Please come meet them on May 19. The Family Zone and their food booth are going to be fantastic!

  3. Cannot wait for this to open, it’s just what TriBeCa needs. Creativity and Coffee makes for a good day all round. Happy child, happy Mother.