In the News: Danny Meyer’s Sky-High FiDi Restaurant

••• T Magazine has a neat old photo of Magoos, the bar that used to be at Sixth Ave. and Walker. (The above photo—by Lynn Rogoff, and it’s from 1988—is not the one in T. You have to click through to see it.)

••• “The super high, view-packed skyscraper restaurant that hospitality industry titan Danny Meyer has planned for FiDi now has a name: Manhatta.” I wonder how that Googles…. “Union Square Hospitality Group has previously announced that it’d taken over a private events and restaurant space on the 60th floor of the 28 Liberty St. tower, with word from Meyer that the space with ‘extraordinary’ views would be serving approachable food.” —Eater

••• “Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo embraced a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags on Monday, introducing a bill to outlaw them by next year. The three-page bill, introduced by the governor a day after Earth Day, comes a little more than a year after he blocked a 5-cent surcharge that New York City had sought to place on single-use plastic bags.” Someone’s getting pushed to the left…. —New York Times

••• “Last summer, Governors Island experimented with staying open past its normal curfew, allowing park-goers to roam until 10 p.m. on two Fridays in August. And now—one week before the island is due to open for the season—the deal is getting even sweeter: The Trust for Governors Island announced that late-night park hours will be back every Friday from May 25 through September 14. The late Friday nights will allow visitors to catch the sunset from from the island—truly a magical experience—and experience the park in all its glory after dark. Plenty of the amenities will remain available, including bike rentals and access to the historic homes at Nolan Park and Colonels Row.” —Curbed

••• “This afternoon, Tuesday, April 24, Brookfield (200 Liberty Street) will be conducting a full building evacuation drill at 2:30 p.m. Building management is mandated by local New York City law to perform this exercise. Evacuees will vacate the premises and neighbors may therefore expect to see a large group of pedestrians on Albany Street and along the Esplanade down to South Cove at that time.” —Broadsheet

••• “The new head of New York City Transit on Monday released a plan to overhaul the city’s bus system, rethinking routes and upgrading equipment and technology in an effort to reverse declining ridership. […] The agency will alter routes based on demographic changes and travel demand, possibly removing some stops and adding off-peak service. The MTA, which is a state-controlled agency, will work with New York City officials to add more bus lanes, ensure better police enforcement of bus lanes and to expand the use of technology that automatically controls traffic signals as a bus approaches by holding a green light or shortening a red. The agency also will call on state legislators to give the city permission to install more bus-lane cameras to boost enforcement.” —Wall Street Journal



  1. Danny M may be thinking of this great 1921 film by Paul Strand & Charles Sheeler, with incredible footage of Lower Manhattan (and intertitles by Walt Whitman!):

  2. Wow, so great to see that photo of Magoo’s.
    When I was a kid, we would to go there in the daytime to play video/pinball. They were one of the only places in the neighborhood (besides Laundry Loft) that had video games.

  3. I wonder what happened to Magoos’ art collection. Many artists traded art work for food.