New Made-to-Measure Menswear Shop

ManuelRacim, the custom shirtmaker at 44 Hudson, is being absorbed into a larger company, Klein Epstein & Parker. There isn’t much about the company’s history on its website; for that, we have to turn to the Los Angeles Times:

Miray and Jeroen Bik […] founded Klein Epstein & Parker in 2011 with the goal of providing personalized tailoring and made-to-measure men’s clothing, like jackets, pants, suits and shirts. Miray and Jeroen met while working for Dutch fashion retailer Oilily on the East Coast. Miray, who had worked at Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic, always enjoyed men’s fashions, and the couple decided they wanted to create a company where customers could choose every detail in a suit, from the pattern and stitching to the buttons and lining. Being 1960s music enthusiasts, the Biks named their company after three musician managers who helped market the sound and fashion of the entertainers they represented: Brian Epstein, the original manager of the Beatles; Allen Klein who managed the business affairs of the Rolling Stones and briefly the Beatles; and Colonel Tom Parker, who turned Elvis into a household name.

The merger means you can get much more than shirts at 44 Hudson now: Klein Epstein & Parker also offers suits, pants, coats, even Henleys, polo shirts, and hoodies, all made to order.