In the News: Star of the Odeon

••• The New York Times profiled Roya Shanks, “the hostess with the mostess” at the Odeon. And that’s great—she’s lovely and the Times should be encouraged whenever it notices anyone outside the fashion-industrial complex and/or a child of someone famous. (In classic Times form, there’s a dumb explanation at the end for the new series, called “Fixtures”: “a new column running regularly, will feature people who are dependable and complex.”) One other quibble: How far uptown do you have to be to see the Whitney Museum as “nearby”? It’s a 35-minute walk!) P.S. Photo courtesy Roya Shanks.

••• “Pier 17’s first concert, scheduled for Thursday, will be a late one. The city recently informed Community Board 1 that the May 3 concert, a largely hip hop show that kicks off this month’s Red Bull Music Festival, will start at 9 p.m. and last until 3 the next morning on the pier’s fourth floor. The city’s Department of Buildings says it is granting Red Bull a Temporary Place of Assembly permit for 1,000 people. (It had applied for 1,800 people, the DOB said.) News of the concert, which Community Board 1 received from the city last Friday, came as a surprise to some community leaders who had reached an understanding with the pier’s developer, Howard Hughes Corp., that concerts would end by 10 p.m.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Besides the usual thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, there’s this: “A traffic agent was writing a taxi car driver a parking ticket when the driver poured hot coffee on him and punched him in the mouth. He then fled the scene in his vehicle.”



  1. Loved the NYT’s profile on Roya. We enjoy seeing & chatting with her at the Odeon. She’s lovely!

  2. Most beautiful/stunning woman in NYC AND unbelievably nice too – we virtually lived in the Odeon for years, she IS the Odeon.

    About time someone wrote this article.

  3. Great Instagram shots as well. Always enjoy seeing her at work.