Seen & Heard: Five Boro Bike Tour Is This Sunday

••• The Five Boro Bike Tour is this Sunday morning. Bike New York, which organizes the event, is supposed to warn the community, but I don’t know that it has posted many flyers. (I’ve been out of town, and S. says she hasn’t seen any. She got them to send her the one below. ) If the noise is bothersome, there’s a contact number below. I would also suggest calling 311, getting a complaint number, and then emailing it to Community Board 1 at

••• An update to Monday’s post about the Warren Street Dog Park that you might have missed: The Parks Department appears to be serious about reclaiming its property—cutting locks, installing signage, and renaming it.

••• For the folks who asked about the event on Pier 26: It’s would appear to be a private event for Oath, “a subsidiary of Verizon Communications that serves as the umbrella company of its digital content subdivisions, including AOL and Yahoo” (per Wikipedia). Thanks to Peter Robinson Jr. for the photo.

••• “I was on the roof deck of Truffles this weekend and thought I would take and send along a pic of the progress of the construction of the new hotel on Desbrosses,” reports P.

••• Opening May 3 at Cheryl Hazan: “Shape and Water, a two-person exhibition by Russell Sharon and Matthew Hawtin.” Below: Sharon’s “Blue II.”

••• A conversation with a P.R. representative for the Smyth….

Me: I’m trying to find out whether the Smyth is being rebranded as an A.K.A. property (as had been indicated), and if so, when will that take place?
Rep: The Smyth Hotel, which was acquired in December of 2017, is currently operating as the Smyth Hotel under the management of Korman Communities. Thank you for reaching out and we look forward to continuing to be in touch!
Me: So is there any explanation for why the hotel was listed on the A.K.A. site for a while, and then removed? Any idea of what’s in store for it going forward?
Rep: Korman Communities is operating the hotel as the Smyth Hotel with its own website:

Korman owns the A.K.A. brand, so perhaps the rebranding of the Smyth will still happen, eventually.



  1. I did a walk around the neighborhood and saw flyers up on several streets today. It’s good that they are following through on their promises.

  2. I saw a couple of flyers on West Broadway south of Franklin today! I’m also participating in the tour so I hope that we are not too noisy!

    • The noise complaints in prior years have been about the amplified sound (announcements, pre-recorded music and live music), as opposed to the riders themselves.

      Complaints about riders have been about riding on the sidewalk when the entire roadway is blocked off for their use and trash left behind. And of course, those issues are generally just a few inconsiderate folks rather than the riders as a whole.

      Have a safe ride.

  3. Thank you for using my image of the event on Pier 26. Much appreciated. Peter

  4. My apartment is near Pier 26 and the noise from the “event” was really distracting for a long period of time. It would have been neighborly if the Park Trust could put some signs up identifying the event and when it was going to take place. I work from home, and even with the windows shut and the AC on, I could still hear the air horns. One warning sign in the lobby would have done the trick and I could have made arrangements to work somewhere else.