In the News: Alterations to South End Avenue

••• The Broadsheet recaps the proposed changes to South End Avenue: “‘Speed tables,’ which the BPCA hopes to install on South End Avenue and Rector Place […] are raised sections of roadway that are also visually distinct from the surrounding pavement.” Speed bumps won’t work because buses can’t handle them. “The installation of a speed table will also make it possible to create crosswalks at Rector Place that traverse South End Avenue. […] The speed tables would be created in conjunction with other ‘traffic calming’ design features at various locations, such as widened sidewalks, islands in the middle of the street, and curb ‘bulb outs’ that shorten the distance pedestrians have to cross between curbs. Each of these would narrow the roadbed, inducing drivers to slow further. The BPCA plan calls for concrete medians (topped by decorative plantings) to be installed at four locations on South End Avenue […. and] widening the sidewalk on the west side of South End Avenue for its entire length, between Liberty Street and West Thames Street, as well as on the north side of West Thames Street. And the curb bulb outs would be installed at each intersection on South End Avenue. On West Thames Street, the plan calls for (in addition to widening one of the sidewalks), moving the Citi Bike docking station from the middle of the road (near the intersection with South End Avenue) to a location on the newly expanded sidewalk, closer to West Street. The plan presented Wednesday night also contained provisions for moving several bus stops from their current locations.”

••• “The city has permanently revoked the license of crane operator Kevin Reilly, finding the longtime construction worker was at fault for the crane collapse that killed one and injured three others in February 2016.” —Real Deal

••• “The top floor of the Clark Building [at 332 Canal was substantial liquor-making operation during Prohibition.” —Daytonian in Manhattan