Seen & Heard: No Artist Studio Tour This Year

••• The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour isn’t happening this year. “New site and new direction is in the works,” says organizer Shawn Washburn. “Can’t say much yet, but the art walk as it has been is over.” This would’ve been the 22nd year.

••• Four galleries—Alexander and Bonin, Artists Space, Bortolami, and Ortuzar Projects—are hosting a “Tribeca Breakfast” this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: “It is a casual event and open to the public. There will be breakfast items for snacking, each space with a different food and drink.”

••• Opening the same day at Alexander and Bonin: “a solo exhibition of Eugenio Dittborn’s eight most recent Airmail Paintings. Eugenio Dittborn invented the format of Airmail Paintings in 1984. An innovative form of expressive support, the Airmail Paintings consist of large sections of pliable materials, which are then folded, inserted into specially designed envelopes, and mailed to an international place of exhibition. When received, they are unfolded and pinned loosely to the wall, the creases of their travel carefully preserved. The envelopes in which they arrived are hung alongside the works, bearing the stamps and traces of the journey they undertook. Conceived during the Pinochet dictatorship, Airmail Paintings were ‘a pragmatic invention,’ allowing ‘Dittborn to communicate beyond the borders of Chile without depending on the existence of an elaborate cultural infrastructure.’ Dittborn has continued his signature modus operandi, as a metaphor for geographic and cultural distances, global image transmissions, and a broad range of social and historical conditions.”

••• Noted Tribeca, the café/cocktail bar opening at 112 Hudson (between Santander bank branch and Tribeca MedSpa), put some temporary signage in its window. Last week, when the door was open, one could see that the build out was pretty far along, and the owners started hiring two weeks ago. More on the café here.

••• “Blank Pro” shot yesterday in the Hudson/Franklin area. I’d guess it’s an ad.