In the News: Mmuseumm’s “Rest Stop”

••• I missed last month’s Daytonian in Manhattan post about the since-destroyed house at 36 Beach, owned at one time by John Ericsson, for whom Ericsson Place was named. (Photo by Irving Underhill from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York.)

••• “A long-neglected local landmark may soon be showing signs of life: The former J.P. Morgan & Company headquarters at 23 Wall Street (on the corner with Broad Street) has signed a lease for Blink Fitness (which also owns the Equinox chain of gyms) [Vice versa. —Ed.] to take 20,000 square feet in the structure’s basement.” —Broadsheet

••• Thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including a couple with “long ponytails” who threatened to cut the manager at Superdry in the Seaport District with a “silver knife.”

••• Imagine Swimming is opening on the Upper West Side. —Commercial Observer

••• “Mmuseumm Season 6 2018 is now open. Thursday and Friday 6–9. Saturday and Sunday 12–6. Serving espressos, ice pops and bbookks next door at Mmuseumm Rest Stop. The grand opening on April 28 was, as usual, a spectacular event with hundreds of people filling the narrow Cortlandt Alley in lower Manhattan, NY. This season’s exhibits include ‘the Wall of Globalization,’ the humble ‘Occlupanid,’ or ‘bread clip’ and ‘Nothing Is Perfect,’ among others.” There’s more about the Rest Stop on Mmuseumm’s website: “Visitors to Mmuseumm Alley can now enjoy a hot espresso, a refreshing ice-pop or a bag of chips as well as Mmuseumm Bbookks, souvenirs, pencils, 3D postcards, practical jokes, everyday items for daily and non-daily use, limited-edition Mmuseumm collectables and guest curators.”  —Print



  1. Until 124 Hudson Street was built, eliminating the auto body shop(?) on the corner of Hudson & Ericsson Place, you could see the outline of 36 Beach/Ericsson against the wall of its neighbor at 34 Ericsson.