Seen & Heard: Souths Took Its Toilet

••• This makes me feel better about the desk lamp I took when I left my first real job.

••• Allied Maker lighting store opens at 81 Franklin on Monday, May 14.

••• Good news for the area’s wine stores: Trader Joe’s confirmed that the store at Spring and Sixth (opening next week) will sell beer, but there’s no plan for a wine/liquor annex.

••• Every time I walk by 100 Franklin, I think about how the design really screws over the neighboring buildings on that air shaft. The northern extension of the southern building will block a fair amount bit of light, and I don’t even know whether the interior will be usable.

••• Primo’s, the new cocktail bar inside the Frederick, is definitely worth a look—as is the hotel’s renovated lobby. Initially, the bar was only taking reservations for parties of six or more, but that appears to have changed; two-tops the other night had “reserved” signs on them, and there’s no longer a mention of a minimum on the website.



  1. Since the two buildings at 100 Franklin are located on one contiguous lot, it would seem DDG could theoretically (and legally) block the entire width of the air shaft formed by the rear yards of its neighbors to the west. It may not be able to practically because of the narrow width of that strip of land connecting the north and south portions of the lot. However “screws over” seems to imply malign intent to take advantage and treat unfairly. Should DDG also maintain the eastern lot line windows of its neighbor on White Street? Are they being “screwed over” too by losing windows they had no easement for?

  2. That is the risk you take when you have an apartment next to an empty lot. There is no guarantee that the lot will never be built on.

  3. South’s knew the nail salon or yogurt chain would just buy a better toilet anyway.

  4. Many, many buildings in Manhattan, and TriBeCa have no access to the street from their “rear yards”.

  5. Trader Joe’s already has one wine store in NY (on 14th street) so are still prevented by law (NYS ABC Statutes Article 6.79.2) from having another one. I guess they could try to do the costco partnership method but that seems very outside of TJs brand and business model.

    Obviously if the grocery store wine sales act ever passes that will change, but that would change for Whole Foods and others as well.